An exceptional site

Directly from the 18th century, the Boissier domain has hosted Notre Dame International Institute since 1946 – for a total of 70 years! At the heart of this priviliged space, children from 4 to 11 years of age benefit from the charm of trees, expanse, greenery, and the ideal location on Lake Geneva  all provided by this magical site.

This universe somewhere between our time and that of history is the keystone to the education and teaching we would like to provide for our students: a rich culture anchored in solid, undebatable, real and clear foundations and a disposition for them to grow, facing forward towards the future, seeped in the values of peace, respect and tolerance which make all the greatness of Man.

Our ambitions can be summarized in a few words: Tradition, High Standards, Discipline, Rigor, Respect and Excellence.