An important stepping stone for the future success of your child’s schooling

English : a new academic year and a big evolution is coming to Notre-Dame-du-Lac for the beginning of 2017/2018 school year.

The number of English lessons will double from the first year in grade 14 and continuing up to grade 7. Thus, allowing an important development in English language learning for each child from an early age.

English for native speakers and as a second language is essential in opening windows to the world.

These lessons will be divided into two sections:

 Literature novel study throughout listening, speaking, reading, and writing

 History, Geography and Branches of Science through introductory lessons, and overseen with two teachers in the classroom: the native English-speaking teacher and the homeroom teacher

By multiplying and varying topics and resources and offering an English library, the children have repeated exposure to the language, although, not repetitive, allowing a solid basis, in their interest.

In order to motivate our students and give them the desire to express themselves through speaking just as much as writing, the students have the options of sitting a Cambridge exam in the last year of primary school and they also have the possibility during the school year to study a week in England.

German is taught through texts, dialogues, songs and poetry from the 9eme grade.

Starting in the 9eme grade, students are initiated in Computer Sciences.  They learn to use the computer and Ipads, to create documents with word processors and to discover Graphic software. 

Other classes such as Mythology, drawing and music complete the palette of choices throughout the years.